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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fedor Dominated

So my picks were clearly pretty wrong, haha. Fedor ended up getting absolutely dominated by "bigfoot," who is now set to face the winner of Overee vs. Werdum on April 9th.

Complete Results:
Silva def Fedor via TKO (doctor stoppage): End of round 2
Kharitonov def Arlovski via KO (punches): 2:49 Round 1
Del Rosario def Johnson via Submission (armbar): 4:31 Round 1
Griggs def Villante via TKO (punches): 2:49 Round 1
Overeem def Sefo via Submission (neck crank): 1:37 Round 1


  1. well it just shows how difficult it is to predict outcomes. who was favored?

  2. Cool, I made $10. It was a fun fight to watch, and it stunned a lot of people to see Silva dominate like that.

  3. This is one thing I hate about this sport.. it is mostly build up.

    The actual fights rarely go past a first round. :|

  4. Lucky I didn't put any bets on lol

  5. Dayum shame fedor lost to "bigfoot"

  6. I missed it! Damnit! but thank you very much for the recap!

  7. Seems pretty interesting gonna try to watch a match in the future.

  8. Fedor's gonna retire this month man, effin sucks.

  9. I watched that fight, it felt like a game between a HeavyWegiht+ and a light heavy, guy had no chance, Silva is a BEAST, should have stuck to using his tranlator thou, couldnt understand a word when he tried to speak english